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Data Bots are a new way to quickly store and access info that is important. You can now share info without making an entire website for it!

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"What can I do with it?"

Are you a leader? Do you have students or group members?
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Important information about BU CS 350 this semester:

@BU_CS_350 info
@BU_CS_350 emails
@BU_CS_350 hours

@BU_CS_350 info

Professor: Azer Besavros
Location: LSE B01
Time: Tu Th 3:30 - 5pm


Hi everyone, this is the bot for the class this year. Get grade notifications, and links to the syllabus and homework.

@NHS_Calc homework
@NHS_Calc syllabus
@NHS_Calc announcements

@NHS_Calc homework

Pg. 365 #3, #6 and #12 are due Thursday Nov 9.

Make info easier to find.

You have the power to provide all kinds of info without building and maintaining a website for it! You can even return links to PDF's, Dropbox, Facebook, etc.

Anyone you share the bot with can text the bot to get information, even without an account. The best part? It's all free.


Get quick admin info for the Boston University India Club on the fly.

@BUIC eboard
@BUIC formal
@BUIC facebook link

@BUIC formal

The BUIC formal will be on April 17 at 8 PM. Please register for the events at: