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Advantages of Botler

Enterprise Bots

Any bot can be accessed through the singular Botler number using the bot handle, (e.g. "@CNN" or "@BU_CS_350 emails") and this allows users to use a wide array of bots very efficiently.

However, we know there are plenty of instances where you may not want users to have to type the bot handle every time to reach your bot. You may want to provide a more private experience which is not on the main Botler number, or you may feel your users may get confused using your bot handle correctly to reach your bot.

Because of this, Botler provides the ability to deploy your bot on a dedicated number. This number will only serve your bot and no other bot. This means users can just text your bot without writing your bot handle.

Advantages of Hosting on Botler

Bots on a dedicated number are great for businesses who want to interact with with users in a new, personalized manner. For enterprise bots, we provide some more flexibility and advantages:

Dedicated Number: Your bot gets a dedicated number to serve it. This means users can seamlessly interact with your bot without typing a bot handle, using a number you can share with them.

Build on Your Stack: Your bot code stays on your server, and it is part of your existing stack. You never have to provide any internal access to Botler. Anyone inside your organization who can program can build your bot, you won't have to hire external "bot developers."

Seamless Integration: For enterprise bots, we make Botler almost invisible. When users use your dedicated number, Botler gives you their phone number as a parameter, not just a user ID. Users who use your bot do not need Botler accounts. If you already have user phone numbers, you can send messages to users number even if they have not messaged your bot before (they will receive it from your dedicated number).

More Analytics: One of the biggest advantages to registering your bot on Botler is the analytics we provide about your bot. You can see how many users interact with your bot, what their queries are, new vs. returning users, and much more data which we don't provide for standard bots.

Events love Botler.

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